Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Somewhere There is a Happy Affair, a Ghost of a Good Mood

I went into Border's today to fill out some paperwork. I start training tomorrow. I feel like I have nothing to wear, but I'll figure out something. It's just now occurring to me that I should take some things to the laundromat while there's still time.

I battle a kind of loneliness some days--I'm beginning to realize that I take my friends for granted more than I thought. But mostly, I'm in love with this solitude. I sleep when I want, get up when I want, eat what I want, watch what I want. I can spend all day reading or go for walks and I don't have anybody around me to tell we what to do. Nonetheless, the "not having people around me" part of that is only worth it part of the time. I need to start being social, but lately I fail at it.

I finally got an opportunity to watch the sun come up over Lake Michigan. I live so close to the beach; it seems ridiculous that it took me this long to see it under any circumstances. It was completely incredible. And it was so nice to wear a sweater. I haven't been able to even look at one since I left. And even so, I had to take it off by the time I was walking home at eight a.m.

I'm really looking forward to autumn. It was my favorite season even in San Diego, and it has to be ten times as beautiful here. Besides, I really miss sleeping underneath blankets.


  1. Next up, watching a moonrise. Tonight it is rising at 9:20 due east. Get to the lake around 9 so you don't miss it. If it's a clear night, you'll see a dark crimson ball come out of the horizon. It will look like a slow motion atomic bomb going off.

  2. Oh Aubs, please watch the moonrise for me! Please! Now I just have to come visit! Meet your new peeps. Watch the sun and moon appear! Tell you what to do a little (just kidding, I swear) and see your new digs.

    I love you.