Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Baby Listen To Me, Come Across the Kitchen to Me, and I Will Tell You Best I Can

Things I've Learned Since Being in Chicago:

-People here are really nice, until they're driving.
-Studios are cheap because they're glorified closets
-I'm actually completely OK with living in a glorified closet if it means I can unpack my shit from the back of my car
-I don't miss cable, at all
-It isn't as frustrating as one would think for me to live in the same three outfits for a week
-I got more sunburned at the beach before I left than I thought I did
-I hate dry heat far more than I hate humid heat (this one surprised me)
-It's just as much of a career move to find WiFi in this town as it is back home
-As soon as the time change stops fucking everything up and I can get up really early again, I might be able to see the sunrise for the first time in my life.

Off to the bars, bitches.

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