Sunday, July 25, 2010

So You Think You're a Romeo, Taking Part In a Picture Show

Today was pretty far on this side of fabulous. The weather was gorgeous so in the afternoon (once I woke up from my time change nightmare at almost one o' clock) Jorge and I went on an adventure to a huge arts festival that was spread out over a few miles on the North Side. We wandered the streets, stopped at a few warehouse art galleries and other such things, and ended up at a little festival area to have a couple beers and some food.

My friend Grant from Trader Joe's, who lives out in the 'burbs, met up with us and once we got bored where we were, we caught a train into Wicker Park and walked around a couple more exhibitions. There was a little block party going on with some pretty rad bands playing, so we of course just drank more, danced a little, smoked a little and ran around the place.

About eight thirty or nine, we ate some dinner and headed over to a party being held by total strangers, and I still don't really know what the occasion was. But there was a little more beer to be drunk and some more fun to be had, so we took care of both of those.

At this moment, both of the boys are passed out on the couch, wasted and snoring. I'm about to join them.

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