Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hey, JoJo, Yeah I Know Your Name

After thirteen hours of driving one long stretch of devastatingly hot highway, I realized I wasn't going to make my rendezvous in Grand Junction with my CouchSurfing hosts.

So, instead, I'm sitting now in a hotel room in St. George, Utah, right next to the air conditioning unit turned up full blast to combat the ninety-degree night outside. I took a cold shower and drank even more, and still not enough, water in a failed attempt to rehydrate. My eyes are completely bloodshot, I'm slightly sick from the earlier tuna sandwich (I should know better than to trust fish from a place called Port of Subs next to a Target in Las Vegas), and am seconds away from taking four more Excedrin and falling into a clean bed (possibly my last for a week or two).

Tomorrow should be interesting. I have to make up for lost time today, so it looks like it's going to be about a seventeen-hour excursion. But I learned from today's mistakes, and I'll make much better time on this stint. Hopefully.

I traveled across California and Nevada, and traversed a tiny corner of Arizona before ending up in Utah. Four states in one day, yet it took me thirteen hours to drive less than five-hundred miles.

I fail.

But I will redeem myself with the amazing time-budgeting skills I have picked up through trial and error and will apply to tomorrow's drive.

This is already even more intense than I expected.

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